Monday, December 03, 2007

Adding the Æsir?

Idea for a rule… don’t like everything about it in its current form, but it would nice to get some other god’s in the picture:

Add a new rule to the ruleset, call it “The Aesir” and give it the following text:

While each Valkyrie supports the Allfather above all other gods, if a Valkyrie is currently supporting “None”, e may choose to support an additional god buy updating eir section of the GNDT in the column marked “Supported God” to any of the gods listed in the subrule titled “List of Gods”. Each god has a statistic for every Einherjar statistic besides tinkering. During skirmishes, the statistics of the god whom the Valkyrie is currently supporting are added to the statistics for each of eir Einherjar—this is allowed to push the value of a statistic over +10 or below -10 for the purposes of that skirmish.

By default, all Valkyries support “None”. As weekly action, a Valkyrie may change eir support of a god back to “None”. E may then support a different god as outlined in the above paragraph.

Add a subrule to this rule called “List of Gods”

*None: Provides no statistical benefits or hindrances.
*Thor: Combat: +3, Charisma: +1, Scholasticism: -1, Artistry: -3
*Baldr: Mysticism: +2, Scholasticism: +2, Combat: -2, Wit: -2
*Loki: Wit: +3, Moxie: +1, Mysticism: -2, Charisma: -2
*Frigg: Artistry: +2, Charisma: +1, Wit: -1 Combat: -2,
*Heimdall: Combat: +1, Artistry: +1, Moxie, -1, Scholatism: -1



12-03-2007 19:16:05 UTC



12-03-2007 19:53:45 UTC

(meaning I would support this idea, were it to be nominated.)


12-03-2007 20:27:58 UTC

interesting idea


12-03-2007 21:20:02 UTC

Looks good.  Opens up design space.


12-03-2007 23:22:23 UTC

Do you think adding it to every Einherjar is balanced? I thought about just treating it like another Einherjar, but that wouldn’t make it any easier to get acorns or stuff like that.


12-04-2007 02:36:07 UTC

seems sound and airtight of loopholes


12-04-2007 16:48:45 UTC

I think adding it to every Einherjar is balanced just fine.  I like the numbers, too:  about 5 gods, each modifying 2 stats up (but not by too much) and 2 stats down (but not by too much).