Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Proposal: Adjective-based action

Self-killed. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 14 Dec 2017 11:45:42 UTC

Add a rule called “Traits” with the following:

Each Failed Experiment has three or less traits, which are tracked on the GNDT. These traits are Adjectives, for example: Slimy, Tall, Calm or Strong. A Failed Experiment only has “Infant” as a Trait by default. A Failed Experiment can, once ever, Molt to attempt to set their traits to become up to three new ones, by making a Story post for this purpose with the [Molt] Tag, with it stating the traits that they are trying to acquire. If the Director posts a comment with the string “APPROVED” onto a [Molt] Story post, the Molt is successful and the Failed Experiment’s traits becomes those they have stated in that [Molt] post.

As a weekly action, a Failed Experiment can attempt to perform a Feat, by making a Story Post to this purpose with the [Feat] tag, which details how they use their Traits (along their environment and context, if relevant) to perform a certain accomplishment, along changing a certain amount of values which the GNDT tracks by up to a difference of 5 in total, which must be themed after the story detailed in the Feat story post. For example, rising the HP of a Failed Experiment by 2 and reducing that of another by 3.

Trying out having a different kind of GNDT gameplay which isn’t just our usual numbers and mechanics.



13-12-2017 16:45:02 UTC

Interesting concept, but shouldn’t feats have some sort of success requirement ? (dice roll, director’s approval etc. ?)


13-12-2017 16:51:35 UTC

BTW this is a good time for the following question: is it accepted that the emperor play the game, not to win of course, but to enliven the game ? (In that sense I would have two roles: Director and Failed Experiment ?)


13-12-2017 18:10:40 UTC



13-12-2017 21:09:35 UTC

against It’s too late to change this and feats should not be automatically successful.


13-12-2017 22:25:19 UTC



13-12-2017 22:41:59 UTC

@Diabecko: I’m fine with the Director playing too. It’s just that generally conspiration and most competitive stuff that eventually happens doesn’t involve them because they’re often perceived as a neutral party (it wouldn’t feel right to have the Emperor be part of a scam to win, for example). Hence why I didn’t want to group with you, because I wouldn’t ask you to become an ally for a more complex plot later down the line, nor would I expect you ask me to become an ally for something like that either.

So, I just wouldn’t try to rely on you as a competitive asset (nor do I feel like I should), but for the rest, I find it’s totally fine. It can be really cool.


14-12-2017 07:23:10 UTC

I could play my Failed Experiment as if he’s gone crazy, and roll a dice to see determine action he does every day (move ? use ability ? etc). That way any other player could interact with it knowing it is inherently neutral.