Friday, February 07, 2014

Proposal: Adjust Your Mirrors

Times out and passes at 4-0. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 09 Feb 2014 23:48:19 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Fasten Your Seatbelts” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Rewrite the rule titled “The Alien” to:

There is an entity, called The Alien by the Survivors, that has been seen stalking around the site of the crash. The Alien’s Location is tracked in its own GNDT row, with all other columns blank.

If a Survivor is ever in the same Location as The Alien, that Survivor’s Vitality is set to Infected. If an Infected Survivor’s Vitality would be Increased, instead nothing happens. If an Infected Survivor’s Vitality is Decreased, it is set to Disabled. The Infected Vitality is otherwise considered to be at the same level as Fatigued.

Place the Alien in Location 16.

Append to the rule titled “Health”:

A Survivor who is Disabled may not take any Daily or Weekly actions.

Rewrite the rule “Taking Stock” to (ignoring all text that is crossed out):

A Survivor is Safe if they are not Disabled or Infected.

If at least 6 days have passed since Stock was last Taken, any Survivor may Take Stock by performing the following, in order:

1. Increase the Food by {G}DICE5 {G}DICE9, where {G} is the total number of Safe Survivors in a Green Location with Vitality other than Disabled.
2. Increase the Food by 6 times the number of Survivors who joined or unidled since Stock was last Taken.
2. Decrease the Food by 2 times the number of Safe Survivors in Location 0 and 3 times the number of Safe Survivors not in Location 0. If this would set it below 0, instead it is set to 0..
3. If the Food is less than 0, set it to 0 and 0, Decrease every Safe Survivor’s Vitality.
4. Increase the Power by 8 times the number of Safe Survivors in Location 0.
5. Increase the Supplies by (3*Y)DICE3, where Y is the total number of Safe Survivors in a Yellow Location.
6. Move The Alien by subtracting (3DICE2)-4 (3DICE3)-4 from the number of its current Location. If this would place The Alien at a Location smaller than 0 or greater than 16, it is placed at 0 or 16, respectively. Don’t move The Alien to a Location less than 0 or more than 16.

Survivors should may not perform dynastic actions actions governed by Dynastic Rules while Stock is being Taken. If a Survivor begins Taking Stock but leaves the action incomplete, another Survivor may finish it.

Rogue is changed to Infected, some numbers are tweaked for balance and The Alien is set to slowly make its way to the Ship, at which point presumably something catastrophic will happen.



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“infected” is nice.

not sure about moving infected to “disabled” so quickly.


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