Thursday, April 30, 2009

After a Clumsy Entry, a New Player joins

I’m Tuxhedoh, new to Nomic, but looking to learn. Please bear with me. I understand the current dynasty is close to it’s end, and look forward to the begining of the new one.



01-05-2009 00:44:43 UTC

I just finished answering some questions to you at Fresh Nomic, and…
You’re here too?

Welcome. Quorum remains 8.

You’ll see two vaguely “familiar” faces here: me (Kenner on Fresh Nomic) and Gnauga.

To others who don’t know what I’m talking about: earler today, Tuxhedoh joined Fresh Nomic.


01-05-2009 01:40:23 UTC

yah… I saw that fresh nomic was in a newer game… and this one was starting a new one soon… figured I’d learn somewhere.


01-05-2009 01:53:54 UTC

Fresh and Blog are more similar to each other than to most other nomics, because most things in Fresh (especially our system of victory theme changes) were inspired by Blog.

Darknight: he/him

01-05-2009 05:05:53 UTC

welcome to blognomic