Monday, July 11, 2011

Again no CfJ: Take your crate!

Unfortunately, before the confusion, I already put in the move to I2 in GNDT and reduced my AP, but did not perform it to keep the backtrack minimal. So in the arena I’m still at I3. No hard feelings, I set my AP back to threeand Position to I3. CfJ me on that, if you think I made a mistake here. So what is gamestate, the GNDT or the Arena? ;-)



12-07-2011 07:15:44 UTC

Actually, I think one _could_ (though I don’t) argue that you don’t get your AP back…

In the rules, it says:

“In order to take an action defined as a Main Action, a Gladiator must spend its Cost in AP.” Which you did.

Further: “Stepping. A Gladiator taking this action may move himself from his current Arena Square to an adjacent Arena Square that is not Blocked.”

Thus, by spending your AP, you gained the right (‘may’) to move yourself in the Arena. You did not.

But you made some other mistakes, which I will revert shortly: 1. Shoving costs 2 AP, not 1.
2. Shoving is not possible to an adjacent Square. Adjacency is diagonally, too.


12-07-2011 07:16:43 UTC

Additionally, you refreshed after your first step, but the rules require you to refresh before every main action, if it is possible.


12-07-2011 07:20:51 UTC

“Actually, I think one _could_ (though I don’t) argue that you don’t get your AP back…”

Let me rephrase that: I do argue like that, but I do not insist that you spend your AP…


13-07-2011 10:42:32 UTC

Is there no other opinion in this? :-)


13-07-2011 10:56:23 UTC

I agree with you. I think Blacky does too (he lost his AP)