Friday, May 26, 2017

Proposal: Age of the Ancients

Reaches quorum, 6-1. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 27 May 2017 18:28:09 UTC

Add a new rule, “Ascendance”:

A “Declaration of Ascendance” (or DoA) is a Proposal titled “Declaration of Ascendance”. A DoA should propose, at least:
* The repeal of all Dynastic rules, except up to three.
* Changing the term “Expedition Leader” to “Ancient One”.
* Changing the term “Explorer”.
* Adding a rule naming a particular non-player entity, who counts as an Explorer, as the Ancient One.
* Adding a rule explicitly naming Explorers who were Cultists and declaring them to be Loyal.

An Explorer who is a Cultist may not achieve victory individually. If any other rule indicates that a Cultist has achieved victory, that Cultist may post a Declaration of Ascendance. If the Explorer posting a DoA is not a Cultist, or has not achieved victory, the Expedition Leader should veto the DoA.



26-05-2017 10:57:34 UTC



26-05-2017 12:21:53 UTC



26-05-2017 12:40:22 UTC

Woah, this escalates quickly.


26-05-2017 13:37:22 UTC



26-05-2017 15:05:41 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: he/they

26-05-2017 19:50:15 UTC

I don’t see why we should lock people in.  against


27-05-2017 16:33:40 UTC

for So a camp, or a rule, might become the Ancient One?


27-05-2017 17:59:57 UTC

Anything that’s an non-Player entity so I guess the Ruleset, GNDT or even the variable DogSleds unless entity is more strict


27-05-2017 18:25:54 UTC

I was imagining it creating a new entity to be the Ancient One but the Ruleset could also ascend to be our new, terrible God.