Sunday, May 04, 2008

Alert! African Leader Disrupts Plans!

Kame Numah has been organizing peace meetings among the African nations.  He is trying to create a union of African nations in order to thwart our plans to take over Africa.  He then hopes to extend this union to other continents so that they, too, can fight against our domination.

Kame Numah must be stopped at all costs.  He is a threat to our very existence.


Darknight: he/him

04-05-2008 04:56:17 UTC

DICE37:13   epic fail


04-05-2008 18:27:39 UTC



04-05-2008 18:35:13 UTC

Please update our influence on the wiki. With his last gasp, the agent grasped my lapel and exclaimed, “My name is an anagram for Make Human!”

I wonder what he meant.