Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Story Post: Alert: Energy Malfunction

Has a Command Quorum of (three) votes in favour, including one from the one-person Responder Team. Fox becomes Exhausted. The Mission succeeds.

Adminned at 20 Feb 2015 17:04:21 UTC

One of the computer’s memory slides has become corrupted and must be replaced manually. One Crewmember is required to perform this task.


Kevan: City he/him

17-02-2015 17:06:37 UTC

Fox is assigned to the default response team.


17-02-2015 17:22:24 UTC

Why did you change the crewmember from the previous Energy malfunction (that wasn’t marked Votable)? Is that even a legal thing to do?

Kevan: City he/him

17-02-2015 17:31:58 UTC

As I’m reading it: from the ruleset’s perspective the previous post was not a Mission, it was just a meaningless blog post. This is a fresh, unrelated Mission.


17-02-2015 17:39:55 UTC

I guess this comes back to the age-old question of “if you make a GNDT dice roll, do you have to use it?”. Not that you’re at all likely to be biased this dynasty, but it’d possibly be a good idea to sort this out for the future.

Kevan: City he/him

17-02-2015 17:52:52 UTC

We should answer that question some time. But I think the fact that the Responder roll is made in response to “a Mission begins” is enough here - there was no mechanism that allowed me to be legally rolling a die at that point.


17-02-2015 21:04:52 UTC



18-02-2015 04:57:49 UTC



18-02-2015 05:11:52 UTC

We do want subroutines to be processing as long as possible, yes?


18-02-2015 06:24:20 UTC

Actually I’m not sure any more. Especially with Bucky’s recent proposal (which looks tremendously suspicious). We’re unlikely to have enough top-level rules by the end of the dynasty that any of the really useful subroutines become available other than MD1C (and M4RK, but subroutine processing doesn’t affect that because Josh created one of the least traceable mechanics ever). So it all comes down to whether we want MD1C to work.

MD1C is nastily luck-based as is, and comes down to a situation of “MD1C and hit your Exhausted emotion and you can reduce your Clearance by an average of 1.5, hit a different emotion and you get no real benefit”. I can’t see any way it’d actually help against the Androids, unless there’s some system we want to be operational thus we need Missions to succeed. It’d thus mostly come down to the player vs. player situation. The dynasty has mostly been skill-based so far (apart from default response teams, which are pretty ugly in that respect); I don’t want it to suddenly turn into a luck-based one.

In other words, I’m not at all convinced that there’s any point in saving the subsystem. (More than that, I suspect that you may well just Sabotage this for the Clearance improvement; I can’t see any real reason why you wouldn’t, given that it hasn’t been Rostered.)

So, baed on all that reasoning:


Josh: he/they

18-02-2015 08:01:13 UTC


Brendan: he/him

19-02-2015 21:08:48 UTC

Hey _Fox_. I can roster this, depriving you of an opportunity for lower Clearance, or I can not do that. Feel free to PM me if you have thoughts on the matter.