Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Proposal: Alignment Actions 4

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 27 Aug 2015 07:37:03 UTC

Add a new Rule to the Ruleset, entitled Alignment Actions, with the following text:

Each Prisoner has a Junk field in the GNDT.
Each Prisoner has a RI (Rebellion Index) field in the GNDT.

Non-Warden Prisoners are called Inmates.

The Junk field defaults to 0. It must be a natural number.
The RI field defaults to 1. It must be either 0 or a positive decimal number.

A Withdrawn may, as a weekly action, Withdraw. This stands for setting their own RI to 0.9. Doing so he foregoes every further daily actions in the current week.

A Rebel or Rebellious may, as a daily action, Cause Trouble. This stands for increasing the RI of themselves and any other Prisoner by 0.2.

A Colonizer or Comfortable may, as a daily action, Colonize. This stands for increasing the Junk of themselves and any other Prisoner by 1.

A Converted may, as a daily action, Help Guards. This stands for decreasing the RI of themselves and any other Prisoner by 0.3.


The flavor is that the Withdrawn just wants to stay alone. The Rebel wants to cause trouble. The Colonizer wants to find comfort in Prison, and may prefer it to the outside, to the point of upsetting fellow Prisoners and the guards. The Converted sides with the Institution.
It’s easier to sedate rebellions than cause ones because… well, they’re in Prison.
Junk is stuff that one manages to keep and considers as his own. The purpose is that the Colonizer makes “home” in the Prison. You could think of it as Comfort points (but they wouldn’t be tradable, so I preferred Junk). I don’t foresee selling it, because it’s random items, prisoners like them because they shouldn’t have them but they get them to be tolerated (like, handkerchiefs, a spoon, an empty bottle…).
I foresee using a lot of Junk for esaping the prison, like, you dig your way with a spoon.



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Not really convinced it makes sense to have a Rebellion Score alongside the Attitude of “Rebellious” (such that a player can be Rebellious, yet have Rebellion score of zero). I like the idea of gathering Junk, though.



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