Saturday, March 10, 2018

Call for Judgment: All Proposal Resolvings until now haven’t actually happened.

timed out failed by card

Adminned at 12 Mar 2018 15:48:03 UTC

Whenever an Admin resolves a Votable Matter, they must also mark their name, and report the final tally of Votes (or the fact that it was self-killed or vetoed).

This proposal: hasn’t gotten a tally of Votes, so it hasn’t been Resolved and it’s still Pending, ergo, all proposals until now haven’t gotten Resolved (because only the oldest one in the queue can be Resolved, and that Proposal is in fact the current oldest one) so there is no game yet, nor there ever will be until something is done.

Upon enactment of this CFJ:
- Set a “A Better Stalemate Escape” to have failed with a tally of votes of 1-3 at 6 Mar 2018 23:17:11 UTC, and retroactively consider it as being such.
- Then, retroactively consider all Proposals during the current Dynasty to have been Resolved according to pseudo-adminning until now, would that pseudo-adminning be correct according to the pseudo-valid-votes at the proposal at the time.

A bit of a dilemma between either bringing up a CFJ to fix it or keeping everyone in blissful ignorance. It’s weird.

Luckily I can write whatever the hell I want into a CFJ to design a fix which keeps the game going regardless lol.



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03-10-2018 15:12:58 UTC

against “When someone X’s, they must also Y” doesn’t mean to me that if someone X’ed and then didn’t Y that X didn’t happen, and I don’t want to legitimize that interpretation with a FOR.


03-10-2018 16:58:23 UTC

Note that the ruleset has “If a proposal somehow ends up being pending for more than 7 days, it is ignored for the purpose of calculating the oldest pending proposal” to stop anything dragging too far, although this is less than a week.

against Because “pseudo-adminning” and “pseudo-votes” are far too vague, and can apply to proposals which haven’t been made yet. (I could make a “Kevan wins” proposal higher up the queue which explicitly defines “pseudo-valid-votes” as being something or other and notes that “Kevan may pseudo-enact this at any time”.)

Also this should really change the “must also” rule to stop it happening again. If an admin forgets to do this, we can forgive it; if they abuse it by lying about exact vote tallies (in a dynasty where that matters), we can unadmin them.


03-10-2018 18:28:44 UTC

against Giving it another go then


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