Friday, February 20, 2015

Proposal: Alternative Endgame

Illegal third proposal, ais523 already had “Disable all Android Powers” and “Or, we can do it like this” pending. Flagged by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Feb 2015 08:31:27 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule, “Endgame Protocol”:

This rule cannot be repealed or amended as the result of a Proposal being Sabotaged. This takes precedence over all other dynastic rules.

An Emergency Broadcast is a PM submitted to the Ship’s Computer with the subject line “Emergency Broadcast”, and with a body that consists only of a list of Crewmember’s names. Only the first Emergency Broadcast submitted by each Crewmember has any effect; the others should be ignored. Only Emergency Broadcast submitted by Humans have any effect; Emergency Broadcasts submitted by Androids are ignored.

An Emergency Broadcast is “correct” if it lists the names of each non-Disabled Android, and no other names (and if the previous paragraph does not prevent it being effective due to being ignored).

If the Ship’s Computer has received at least one correct Emergency Broadcast, and that Emergency Broadcast was submitted at least 36 hours ago, then he may (and shall within 36 hours) post a blog post listing all Crewmembers who submitted correct Emergency Broadcasts, and identifying a randomly selected Crewmember, chosen from the Crewmembers who submitted correct Emergency Broadcasts, as the Radio Operator. Upon the publication of this blog post, the Radio Operator achieves victory.

Designed to avoid administrative timing scams (via opening up a 36 hour window in which all guesses are effectively considered to have happened in a random order). Anti-retroactive-Sabotage clause is for the same reason as the removal of Sabotaging in my previous Android-baiting proposal; if they’re going to call the bluff, this is going to happen. (And it also avoids Josh’s criticism; even though that criticism is invalid, I may as well avoid the argument altogether.) Again, just like Josh’s proposal, this is something that the Androids may choose to let through. The basic idea is to let correctly identifying the Androids win the game; this is what we were meant to be in Werewolf, until this became a messy game of cross-factional alliances.

I’d prefer it if Kevan voted a strict FOR or AGAINST on this one, rather than staying out of it. As can be seen here, the dynasty has devolved into four anti-Android players (me, ayesdeeef, Darknight, Sylphrena), and four pro-Android players (Brendan, Bucky, _Fox_, Josh), plus the inactive Put and Kevan. As it is, it’s thus basically impossible for any proposals to be enacted; anything that at all benefits the Humans will be voted down (given that the Androids no longer want to Sabotage because they’re scared of Trials). This is not a situation which really fits the intended purpose of the dynasty.


Josh: he/they

20-02-2015 08:16:32 UTC



20-02-2015 08:21:16 UTC

Josh, why not FOR? You’d better have a good explanation for this one?

Josh: he/they

20-02-2015 08:31:35 UTC

I think it’s fundamentally a matter of respect to let the Emperor decide whether he wants his dynasty to end this way. That is also the long-standing convention of BlogNomic. If Kevan votes DEF I’ll consider switching.