Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Proposal: Ammo Crate

Enacted popular. Josh

Adminned at 02 Dec 2020 20:19:22 UTC

Add bullet points to the list of Shell Archetypes so that each name has “*” in front of it and each other line describing an aspect of a Shell has “**” in front of it.

Add bullet points to the list of Mechanoids so that each line has “*” in front of it.

Add bullet points to the list of Modules, merging each pair of lines into a single line with a “*” in front of it.

Reformat the “MECHATECH”, “Dynocorp” and “Azamo’s Children” parts of the ruleset to be subrules of “Corporations”.

Not sure how confident I’m feeling about a generic always-available style guide rule of “admins (or maybe just the Emperor) can reformat lists as bullet points and that kind of thing”, so here’s a manual fix instead.

Also the pending Corporations proposal is adding what are maybe meant to be subrules at the wrong level (”==” is rule level, subrule is “===”).


Josh: he/they

01-12-2020 11:29:40 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

01-12-2020 12:36:50 UTC


robotabc773: he/him

01-12-2020 12:50:53 UTC



01-12-2020 14:34:22 UTC



01-12-2020 16:12:56 UTC


Clucky: he/him

01-12-2020 17:12:19 UTC

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