Thursday, June 17, 2021

Proposal: An Emanation of Energy

Timed out and failed, 1 vote to 4 with 4 unresolved DEFs. Josh

Adminned at 19 Jun 2021 19:25:32 UTC

Make room H1 explored and give it the name “Summoning Altar”, the description “A candlelit chamber dominated by an altar, upon which occult diagrams are drawn and a fresh sacrifice lays bleeding”, and the Effect “A Crypt Denizen is spawned with Brutality equal to DICE4 minus one, Cunning equal to DICE4 minus 1, one randomly-selected Denizen Trait from the the ruleset, a Location of “Summoning Altar”, a Sycophancy of “None”, and a name determined by Richardo von Nestor.”
Add the following to the rule “Cornerstones”:

The Summoning Altar is the lower-leftmost room of the crypt map. A Vampire Lord may gain 2 Puissance immediately before performing the Summoning a Denizen Power Action if they forfeit the option of choosing the spawned Crypt Denizen’s Location and instead set it to the Summoning Altar.

In the same rule, append to the first paragraph “Sentences in the effect of explored Cornerstone Chambers count as features for the purposes of the Enter the Crypt atomic action but cannot be removed from the room they are in or added to other rooms.”
Add the following to the rule “Lair Actions”:

Summoning a Denizen is a Power Action with a cost of 3 or 5, chosen by the Vampire Lord before performing the action. If the cost is 3, it is a lesser summoning; if the cost is 5, it is a greater summoning. The Vampire Lord carrying it out may spawn a Crypt Denizen with a Sycophancy, Location, and Trait list of their choosing, as well as Brutality and Cunning scores of their choosing, so long as the sum of those scores is not greater than 4 (if lesser summoning) or 7 (if greater summoning) minus 2 for each Denizen Trait in the Denizen’s Trait list.

Enthralling a Denizen is a Power Action with a variable cost: the Vampire Lord carrying it out must first choose a Crypt Denizen, and the action’s cost is equal to half the chosen Denizen’s Cunning (rounded up). If the Denizen’s Sycophany is “None”, they may set its Sycophancy to their own name; otherwise, they may set its Sycophancy to “None”.

In the rule “Lair Actions”, change “an explored room that is neither a Sepulchre nor the room located at E4” to “an explored room that is not a Sepulchre and is neither room E4 nor a Cornerstone Chamber”.

a bit lengthy, but its got a lot of necessities. here’s some ways for crypt denizens to spawn, along with ways for sycophancy to come into play. as for what it *means* to have a sycophant, we can figure it out later! oh, and, since this proposal explores a cornersone chamber, a lil rider rule about cornerstone sepulchres that i think is only fair considering whoever got the cornerstone sepulchre first would have a big defensive advantage :0


Josh: he/him

17-06-2021 10:44:25 UTC

Good start. I do have some comments though.

First and perhaps most importantly - I think the HP range for Denizens is a bit high here - on his best day Richardo can pop out 5 points of damage unless he has a crossbow, so 5 HP at least, running to 10-12 HP, enemies (plus traits!) seems extraneous. Effects that allow him to ignore Brutality / Cunning, room effects that clear out Denizens at the end of runs, or passive effects for Richardo’s Whip or Shield might help mitigate that but I also think that probably those numbers should just be lower. Denizens aren’t really interesting if they’re instant run-enders; I think they should be variable roadbumps rather than just another way of making rooms carry Grievous Injury.

Second, the room effect for Summoning Altar is weird, partly as it’s not a listed feature so prioritises weirdly, but also because it specifies that Richardo Encounters enemies, which he will usually do anyway in the usual course of things, so he may end up Encountering the same enemy twice.

Third, I think that a 1 Puissance refund for summoning into the brood pit is a bit weak; should maybe be Influence instead.

lemonfanta: Ashen Queen she/her

17-06-2021 10:56:25 UTC

1) good point; i wonder if richardo’s die roll should just compare to brutality in combat, but i could lower the numbers a bit (tho that *also* reduces the max traits that a crypt denizen can have, since features cost stats)

2) ahhh, i see– i was looking @ the current rules instead of the upcoming ones (apply effects rather than apply features + encounters happening when richardo enters a monster-filled room rather than being called out in the atomic action). i need to think on how to fix that tho– i think it would be v neat for the cornerstone chambers to have unique effects that can’t be applied to any old room, and i want to maintain that in this proposal

3) i originally wrote it as a decrease in cost but that interacted weirdly w/ the variable cost of the action, so the 1 puissance is just a cost decrease in a different shape; maybe it ought to be 2?

lemonfanta: Ashen Queen she/her

17-06-2021 11:15:08 UTC

denizen stats shrink’d, cornerstone effects legitimized, redundant encounters removed, cost reduction improved. thanks for the feedback!

Jason: he/him

17-06-2021 18:56:19 UTC


Kevan: he/him

18-06-2021 09:15:14 UTC

imperial All the Denizen stuff is feeling a bit redundant, to me.

Jumble: Chancellor of Tribuna he/him

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