Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So how is this going to end?

Amni has stated that he has been very busy lately, and would like us to propose a victory condition that can be met soon. I would like the current active soldiers (Amnistar especially!) to post some victory condition ideas here. Then we can take an unofficial vote of what idea to propose in this post’s comments. Thanks.



03-03-2009 21:38:19 UTC

How about amni posts a HUGE skirmish in which we all fight, and the player with the most kills (or the player who has defeated the most and strongest enemies—amni will differentiate the enemies strenghs)achieves victory??


03-03-2009 21:44:38 UTC

A dynasty with only one non-training skirmish seems a bit of a cop-out. I was about to repropose this, but with absolute values of loyalty.


03-04-2009 05:00:48 UTC

I put out my previous idea, with the dynasty ending with a civil war between groups.


03-04-2009 09:54:09 UTC

I think if we want it combat-based, you could do it when one player gets sufficiently ahead of the others. Say, if someone has five times more experience, loyalty, health, or ammo than the next-best perosn.