Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proposal: Angry Mob

Times out at 1-3. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 21 Oct 2006 05:00:34 UTC

Add the following to Rule 2.7

Vegetables who are “Demonstrating” and have an inclination other than Dictatorial or Anarchist may often make a comment to the GNDT of “Protest: DICE3”. The Top Banana’s beard length is reduced by the result of the Protest dice roll. After doing so the vegetable may not change it’s activity for 24 hours. The Top Banana or Vegetables with an inclination of Dictatorial may often make a GNDT comment of “Arrest XXXX: DICE4”, where XXXX is the name of a Vegetable which is “Demonstrating”. The vegetable named loses beard length equal to the value of the Arrest dice roll.



19-10-2006 20:20:04 UTC

If it were “riot” and could target ANY Vegetable, I’d be FOR it.

Clucky: he/him

20-10-2006 19:16:42 UTC


Elias IX:

20-10-2006 22:45:40 UTC

Nah, we need Beard Length.