Sunday, April 29, 2007

Declaration of Victory: Another attempt

Well Played, Axeling.

You may either post your AA or pass the mantel on now.


Adminned at 29 Apr 2007 09:05:33 UTC

Note that I’m offering Bob the spoils of this victory if this goes through, as e deserves it.

Per my request for victory and voted on as the only alive lifeform.  A brief explanation of what happened: Amnistar killed himself by spending on events down to 3, then metabolizing.  The resulting chain reaction kills me, then in sequence every other lifeform.  I then reset.



04-29-2007 02:15:27 UTC

Yeah. Its legit. I would feel sorry for BobTHJ, except e voted for the gamestate number thingy to be 2. If e had voted zero, Id have voted zero and this all wouldn’t have happened. So much for this Dynasty ending in a cool manner. =(



04-29-2007 02:21:42 UTC

for At least it’s ending in a legitimate manner?


04-29-2007 04:59:21 UTC

for Actually, that’s why I voted 2. I was going to try the same thing, but I had to be out tonight.


04-29-2007 05:01:26 UTC

Of course, I would have had to wait until I had enough DNA or until Clucky’s proposal passed. Good play Axeling/Amnistar.


04-29-2007 07:43:46 UTC

Yeah, I figured you saw it when you voted 2.  I just thought we’d speed things up a bit.  So do you wish to claim the Apprenticeship?


04-29-2007 15:55:24 UTC

While I appreciate you offering it to me, you were the one to achieve victory. The Apprenticeship is yours.