Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Story Post: Another one rides the Train

Evening, arthexis here! I’ve stumbled across this place and would certainly like to play. However, I will begin doing so as soon as a new round starts. I will be around here lurking and watching meanwhile. Thanks!



02-27-2008 22:08:20 UTC

Welcome! If you want me (or any admin) to activate you before the next dynasty, just let us know, and certianly remind us when this one ends.


02-27-2008 23:51:59 UTC

technically becoming auto activated at a certain point is not allowed. If you wish to join now, you can, or you can wait until the next dynasty start (and it had better start soon. this one has been dragging on forever now) and repost then.


02-28-2008 02:02:18 UTC

Sure, I’ll give you guys another post as soon as a new dynasty starts. I feel it will be sooner than we expect…