Friday, September 04, 2009

Announcement: Check out what kept me busy this week

Ok, this may be considered advertisement, but since it is not really spam and not disallowed by the rules, I’m posting it here: I’ve created a new nomic.

Check it out, it’s here:

It’s still an early beta, but I’m trying to push a professional looking product with this site here, so I would appreciate all feedback, specially uncovering bugs and security leaks, as well as some assistance with performance testing. Some of the features it has right now:

* Secured from bots and spammers with captchas.
* Documents are integrated into the engine, no need for a separate wiki.
* Automatic vote tallies that are open for a configurable window of time.
* Friendlier user interface all around.
* Allows widgets that contain polls, a wall, automatic quorum count.
* Allows avatars and upload of relevant files.
* Integrated AJAX chat widget.
* Documents arrange themselves in a menu automatically.
* All posts and comments have Revisions enabled by default.

All the stuff from the previous list is implemented and ready to use by players. The main thing that I haven’t gotten around to implementing yet is a dice roll system, but I am already working on it and think I should have a working version coded during the weekend. Also right now the site has a fixed styling, but I’m looking to make it modifiable by players in the future too. BTW, I created new rule’s from scratch based on the original set by Peter Suber.

Please take a look at it, you might what I’ve done on my spare time.




04-09-2009 07:20:08 UTC

Ooh. Looks sparkly!

Kevan: he/him

04-09-2009 09:21:07 UTC

Nice. Haven’t got time to play a Nomic right now, but this looks like a very slick piece of work. The ranked voting should be interesting for being able to distinguish the good from the great.

arthexis: he/him

04-09-2009 20:12:54 UTC

Thanks. If you’ve ever get a chance, please give it a try.


04-09-2009 21:35:23 UTC

I’d play, except:

A: Enough of my free time is taken up by BN and Fresh already;

and B: “I’d rather not play anything DC related.”—arthexis, shortly after I posted my DoV

arthexis: he/him

05-09-2009 00:52:56 UTC

Yet, you registered as a player.

Darknight: he/him

05-09-2009 01:35:08 UTC

Yay! Now I’m on 2 nomics… oh the confusion lol. Its well done btw.