Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ant got no good puns…

Hi, y’all, I’m new. Just an announcement.



09-02-2011 01:20:50 UTC

Does that mean you want to become a player?


09-02-2011 08:57:50 UTC

Assuming you are: welcome to Blognomic! I’m sorry that I enacted “Reprimandible Offences” before adding you, but I always try to be non-arbitrary and admin posts in chronological order.


09-02-2011 09:01:01 UTC

You’ll find your password for the gndt in your pm box shortly. (I always forget this part)

Quorum is unaffected, for what it’s worth.


09-02-2011 16:31:08 UTC

Yes, I do want to become a player. Sorry that was unclear. I may lurk for a bit and see how it works (and explore the wiki.) Thanks!