Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ante for next hand

(this is not a proposal, just a trial balloon)
I intend to set the ante for the next hand at something in the $50-$100 range.  Thoughts?



22-01-2008 13:25:58 UTC

If you do that, you need to raise the Poor level to about double the ante value so that players can at least have some money after the ante to play with.  Also, don’t you thin it’s a little bit DRASTIC change from $10 ante to $50-100 ante.


22-01-2008 14:54:57 UTC

I think $10 is fine as it is, and $50 is too much.


22-01-2008 18:06:56 UTC

We could have some kind or kooky random way to choose it, that would fit nomic.


23-01-2008 02:18:39 UTC

Doubling it from $10 to $20 is what would make sense to me. But I’m all for just keeping it at $10 too.


25-01-2008 20:02:45 UTC

10 or 20 is fine with me. 50 seems a bit much for poor players.


25-01-2008 23:23:14 UTC

OK, $20 it will be.