Monday, August 06, 2018

Proposal: Anyone can try…

Self Killed by Derrick.

Adminned at 07 Aug 2018 12:51:52 UTC

Create a rule named “Actions”

A Mortal may take any of the following actions:

Meditate: Age 10 years and increase your EP by 2^X, where X is the number of artifacts with a type of mystic you have access to. Mystics gain double EP.
Search: Age 5 years to gain access an artifact with the same court as you no other mortal has access to. Scholars may instead age 2 years.
Steal: reduce your HP by 20 and gain access to an artifact with the same court as you that is accessed by a mortal with few HP than you. They no longer have access to the artifact. Warriors may instead reduce their HP by 10.
Serve: Age 10 years and increase your Karma by 1.

Add to status:

when a mortal increases their age by X years, they are said to have “aged X years”




08-06-2018 18:47:50 UTC

I mostly like it, but I think karma should be harder to get.


08-06-2018 19:08:11 UTC

You spend karma at a rate of 2 to 4 per productive life. I’m hoping to make it so we don’t spend over half the game each as peasants building up karma, but that it is hard enough to gain to force you to prioritize. Perhaps 10 years is too short, but I feel that 20 would be too long.


08-06-2018 20:43:28 UTC

There’s no actual cap on Age, though, is there? Just a certainty of death when you pass a hundred. So you could just stockpile as much Karma as you liked.


08-06-2018 20:53:19 UTC

Your EP provides a limit on age: you can’t take dynastic actions if your age is more than 10 times your EP.

And arg! I forgot to make that more forgiving of low EP and stricter on high EP in tempo.


08-06-2018 22:36:05 UTC

Ah, of course.



08-06-2018 23:42:07 UTC



08-07-2018 02:21:16 UTC



08-07-2018 02:23:50 UTC

derrick, Kevan, while that proposal of mine for introducing weakened things did pass, it didn’t do anything since 9spaceking’s proposal failed.



08-07-2018 02:41:31 UTC


Darn, have to kill it. That’s a great way to fool’s gold EP.