Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ascension Address: Apocalypse Address

Thank god electricity still works and the server’s still up… otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to connect to BN and find each other. Now, thanks to that Cessna 500 I found back when we were on vacation, we’ve managed to all group together in a suburb of London. But remember, there are other survivors… and we need to keep a steady of supply of food and water. We can’t let ourselves die.

Repeal all dynastic rules. Replace “Bill Murray” with “Survivor”, “Phil” with “Leader”, and “Weatherteam” with “Quorum” throughout the Ruleset. Welcome to the Post-Apocalyptic Dynasty!



08-25-2009 13:33:43 UTC

Ooh, I like the color scheme. Very bleak.


08-25-2009 13:39:19 UTC

Yeah.  Might want to go a couple tones lighter on the grey, but otherwise v. cool.

Also, you have big confidence in our service provider :)


08-25-2009 13:41:11 UTC

Do you mean the background gray? I can’t without making the header look absolutely horrible.


08-25-2009 13:55:33 UTC

I think the “adminned” comments box should either be red or green, rather than blue, to give it a more threatening feeling.


08-25-2009 13:58:48 UTC

Implementing arth’s idea with red.


08-26-2009 10:06:00 UTC

I’m glad that we’re still keeping our causality chain from dynasty to dynasty running, pretty much (does it skip Qwaz’s dynasty, or was that involved in it too)? Let’s see how long we can keep it running!


11-17-2009 01:36:38 UTC

@ais: Apparently, until the Third Dynasty of Bucky.