Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Story Post: Applying for Membership

Hello!  I’ve been watching BlogNomic on and off for a while now and finally decided to dive in.  Ever since I learned about nomics, I’ve been curious about being involved in the workings of one, and BlogNomic is the one that’s piqued my interest the most.  I’m looking forward to casting my votes and participating in the dynasties with you guys, pending approval.



06-02-2008 04:12:38 UTC proposal is required to join.


06-02-2008 04:14:37 UTC

LOL.  My newbiness is showing.  I was wondering if I needed a proposal and decided against it, but none of the other categories looked right either.  So I clicked “Null,” which I guess is a subcategory of “Proposal.”


07-02-2008 04:19:20 UTC

This is probably going to be a dumb question:  Should I find a way to edit my post out of the Proposal category?  I would have by now, but the wording of Rule 1.7 confuses me.  Do I have to worry about whether or not this is an official (because it’s a proposal) or non-official (because a proposal’s not required for membership application) post, or should I not bother and just edit since I’m not an official player yet?


07-02-2008 06:54:11 UTC

a story post is default. We tend to only use story posts and proposals. Don’t worry about editing this, I’ll fix it, and activate you as a player.
I’ll PM you your GNDT password.

Quorum will rise to 7.


08-02-2008 00:18:03 UTC

Great, thank you very much.  :-D


08-02-2008 01:33:16 UTC

Welcome to Deadwood.