Saturday, October 10, 2015

Story Post: Appointing a new Dean

4 bids for Roberto to 1 bid for Kevan

Adminned at 13 Oct 2015 05:18:36 UTC

The College of Cardinals is growing larger, and we cannot keep track of it all ourselves

Appoint the Dean of the Sacred College!



10-10-2015 06:33:51 UTC

Bid: Roberto

Cari fratelli,

I’ll make three speeches the days right after I am elected as Dean of the Sacred College increasing the Influence of the three of you that first bid for me.

You cannot leave this position to somebody without an Italian name, can you?

Josh: Observer he/they

10-10-2015 18:31:19 UTC

Bid: Roberto

Elias IX:

10-10-2015 18:52:14 UTC

Bid: Roberto


11-10-2015 00:52:50 UTC

Bid: Roberto


11-10-2015 00:54:19 UTC

Bid: Kevan