Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are Vetos allowed?

In Rule 1.4 entitled “Voting” replace “Any Voter may cast his Vote on a Pending Proposal by making a comment on that entry using a voting icon of FOR, AGAINST or DEFERENTIAL.” with:

Any Voter may cast their Vote on a Blogpost by making a comment on that entry using a “Appropriate Voting Icon” (“AVI”). Generally, AVIs are FOR and AGAINST icons, other Rules may



05-05-2010 14:52:20 UTC

Ooops, fail. against  against

I assumed QuickSave only saves, but not display the Post.

However, I recognized that the Returning Officer may not vote VETO to a Proposal. No phrase allows him to do so.

Pending Proposals fail, if “The Returning Officer has voted to VETO it”. Yes, that may be true, but how can he vote VETO to it? Generally, the term “voting” is not defined…

I don‘t know what to do with all the old VETO votes… Any ideas?

To fix that, I used the idea of AVIs and wanted to use them for Proposals, CjFs and DoVs. As I have not enough time and 15 minutes wouldn’t be enough, I will repropose that later, maybe even which some more fixes.


05-05-2010 15:32:59 UTC

The entire text of Rule 1.8, Dynasties (emphasis added):
“BlogNomic is divided into a number of Dynasties. Each Dynasty is headed by a single Voter, known as the Returning Officer, and is named according to the number of Dynasties he has headed (eg. “The First Dynasty of Myke”).

The Returning Officer may vote to VETO any Proposal.