Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proposal: Arise!


Adminned at 23 Jul 2008 06:31:43 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule titled “Non Playable Characters” with the following text:

Non Playable Characters (or NPCs, for short) are creatures, monsters, or other intelligent beings that Adventurers may encounter while part of a Party.  At any time while a Party is doing its task, the Dungeon Master may create a NPC that that Party has encountered by making a comment to the Party post with the relavent statistics and other information for that NPC.  All NPCs shall have a HP and Max Health statistic.  An NPC ceases to exist when the NPC’s HP is 0 or less or the Party that encountered the NPC has disbanded, whichever comes first.  All starting statistics, attributes, or other gamestate information of a NPC are set by the Dungeon Master when the NPC is created.

NPCs may take any action that an Adventurer can take.  Each time a NPC takes an action, the Dungeon Master shall make a comment to the appropriate Party post stating this action.

Remove the text “Non-Adventurer Characters (or NPCs, for short) also have HP and Max Health. A NPC’s HP and Max Health shall be set at the time of creation of the NPC. Whenever a NPC’s HP is 0 or less, it ceases to exist.” from the rule 2.10.7 “Health”.



Darknight: he/him

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22-07-2008 23:25:42 UTC

against .

That last paragraph is too loosely worded.  For example, an NPC can vote on proposals, which may be extremely important if an Adventurer somehow takes control of an NPC (e.g. by magic).


23-07-2008 02:07:08 UTC

against Whoops, s/k.  Anyone have any ideas as to how that could be better worded?