Monday, July 21, 2008

Proposal: Arm thy self


Adminned at 23 Jul 2008 06:29:59 UTC

If the Proposal titled “HP or Not HP” fails, this Proposal does nothing.

Add the following to the item list.

Name - Dagger
For Sale - Yes
Cost - 3
Temporary Effect - No
Number of Uses - Infinite
Lasting Effect - Causes 1DICE4 in HP damage

Name - Battleaxe
For Sale - Yes
Cost - 6
Temporary Effect - None
Number of Uses - Infinite
Lasting Effect - Cause 1DICE6 in HP damage

I know theres not much but its a start lol. I would do armor but idk the best way to word them. Feel free to add more weapons if this passes you guys.



07-21-2008 23:04:54 UTC

I know combat hasen’t been defined yet but I wanted to get a head start with weapons. We can always reword if need be lol


07-21-2008 23:07:41 UTC

against We need a way to equip items first.  Also, the effect should be temporary, not lasting.


07-21-2008 23:16:37 UTC

lol i can never win with proposals


07-21-2008 23:17:28 UTC

I would propose equipment, but I don’t have any slots open right now.


07-21-2008 23:20:52 UTC

at least not for a few mre hrs anyway lol


07-22-2008 02:02:35 UTC

I don’t see a need for items AND equipment.  against for other reasons. These items need to be reforged.


07-22-2008 02:03:39 UTC

against s/k then


07-22-2008 04:10:29 UTC

Sorry, I kinda need to get NPCs into the ruleset so we can get on with the game.  Otherwise, I would get on the equipment.