Thursday, March 17, 2016


I’ve been watching this on and off for a little while, and have finally checked the site at a time when a new dynasty is starting. My sense of timing is awful sometimes. I suppose I could have joined while things were in progress, but I much like to start at the beginning. So anyway, this is my declaration that I would like to play in this particular game on Nomic.


Kevan: HE/HIM

03-17-2016 11:08:20 UTC

Welcome to BlogNomic, you’re now an Orc. Quorum remains 4.

Note that as a new player you’ve started with zero Health, which makes you “Mortally Wounded”, and according to the current rules “If an Orc is Mortally Wounded they may not preform any action defined by the dynastic rules other than Rest.”

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-17-2016 11:10:05 UTC

... and under Rule 1.1 I have now fixed that “preform” typo.


03-17-2016 11:18:56 UTC

Took me a little but, but I’m no longer Mortally Wounded. Now that I’ve got that done with, I’m going to go take a closer look at the rules.


03-17-2016 12:09:05 UTC

Well, that’s the skeleton down, if I’ve done that properly. I’ll try to put less text in the GNDT, now that I understand it better. And also try to spam less. I probably could have done that in a few less update.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-17-2016 12:41:34 UTC

Ah, as raised in the “Memento Mori” proposal, the ruleset doesn’t currently define “Dead” as meaning anything, so I’m not sure your potion distribution was legal. We have a Skeleton with -8 Health, but by a strict reading of the rules I don’t think we have a “Dead Skeleton”. (Even using common sense within the framework of the game, it’s a bit sketchy - if an Orc was at -8 Health, they’d just be “Mortally Wounded”.)

If you agree, then you or anyone can revert your Potion handout. If you disagree, then you or I or someone else should raise a call for judgement to see what the majority thinks.


03-17-2016 12:51:44 UTC

Well, that is certainly an issue. Now I feel rather silly. Well, there’s really no way I can think of to argue against this. I’ll revert everything that happened after my health dropped by one, and fix the wiki accordingly. Even after the skeleton is properly defined as dead, someone will probably need to attack it again to distribute the loot, just to point that out.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-17-2016 13:11:29 UTC

Somebody will need to propose some kind of rule change to get at that loot - right now, attacking the -8 Health Skeleton will just wound it without “killing” it, and once “Memento Mori” enacts, attacking a -8 Health Skeleton will be illegal because we’ll only be allowed to attack “non-Dead” creatures…


03-17-2016 13:13:49 UTC

I was going to add a new creature with my first proposal, but I think I’ve got an idea to resolve this.