Sunday, November 09, 2008

Proposal: Arthexis, I Challenge You for the Crown!


Adminned at 10 Nov 2008 10:35:29 UTC

If the proposal “Alt-Win” fails, this proposal does nothing.

A new Duel Post shall be created with the title “Duel to Glorious Death: Fight for the Crown” and the text “Let the fight for the title of Patriarch begin!”.  Bucky shall be the Referee of the Duel and Arthexis and Yoda will automatically become Combatants in that Duel and neither take any items into the duel.

If I calculated this correctly, whoever wins the duel will have more than 2x the honor of the Patriarch and therefore win (provided Alt-Win passes).



11-09-2008 22:11:36 UTC



11-10-2008 01:46:52 UTC



11-10-2008 02:34:05 UTC

I will refrain from voting on this.


11-10-2008 04:54:33 UTC

against I’ve decided my mind. Yoda has far more advantage than me winning, because a) his health is far better than mine b) he has ruled in a lot of duels where i battled, so he is more used to my tricks than I am to his.


11-10-2008 05:16:31 UTC

Now all you have to do is heal and use 3 rituals (4 if you want crushing damage on first hit), the first of which is an almost guaranteed hunt with a stat boost, and you have the same health as me.


11-10-2008 05:19:06 UTC

I cannot use rituals to heal because spike cannot hunt (for having less than 10 honor) and singularbyte cannot hunt (for being a combatant)


11-10-2008 05:20:02 UTC

As for the other argument, just change up your strategy a bit.  Besides, anyone can look at how you have dueled in the past; the only advantage I would have if I refereed the duel is that I can see the rest of the 4 moves, which as far as I can see is not that much more advantagous.


11-10-2008 05:20:35 UTC

Your first ritual can be a hunt.


11-10-2008 05:22:37 UTC



11-10-2008 05:24:26 UTC

If I proposed this later after you have had a chance to heal, would you consider it?


11-10-2008 05:32:54 UTC

Probably. And probably more with items on the fight.


11-10-2008 14:59:23 UTC

against s/k because I have an idea