Friday, October 17, 2008

Ascension Address: Ascension Address

People of Blognomic,
As you may know, the bloodline of the Null Clan has run dry.  The clan’s other branches all perished during the last Succession War, and I am now too old to produce an heir.  If I do nothing now, I fear that there will be another bloody war upon my death.

I wish to settle the issue of succession immediately.  When the Null Clan is no more, some other clan will rise to take its place.  In the old days, before the Succession Wars, it would have been decided through ritual combat between the Clan Lords’ champions.  The old ways are still law, and as much as we would wish to do away with them, today they suit my purpose.

Send word to each of the minor clans.  A Trial of Champions has been decreed for the first time in four hundred years.  May the crown be won by the bloody sweat of dozens rather than thousands.

Repeal all Dynastic Rules.  Breeder becomes Clansman.  Dragonmaster becomes Patriarch. 

I was already headed in the direction of a Barbarian dynasty when Rodney suggested it.  His suggestion confirmed that it was a good direction to go in.



10-17-2008 05:26:20 UTC

By the way, if someone would do the rest of the end-of-dynasty maintenance (such as archiving the GNDT logs and starting a new Dynastic History page) I would greatly appreciate it.


10-17-2008 12:03:30 UTC

Changing out the old GNDT logs requires FTP access, and the password I know seems to have expired. I can at least start the wiki page, though.


10-17-2008 12:14:00 UTC

Actually, the wiki page was all ready started. Speaking of FTP, I think this is why we still have our shark veto icon: I’m pretty sure it requires FTP access to change.

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-17-2008 12:55:51 UTC

FTP still works for me with the same password as last year, although sshing to the server doesn’t seem to entirely work (I can connect, but don’t get a prompt).

I’ve archived the GNDT log. Let me know if you’ve got a veto icon, Bucky.