Saturday, November 05, 2022

Ascension Address: Ascension Address

Welcome one, Welcome All! The Blognomic Carnival is open, and I have a great deal for y’all.

As some of you no doubt already know, I’m retiring from the business next month. I’ve gotten most all I wanted out of this ol’ funyard, but I want to see smiles coming out of it ‘til the day I die. And who better to keep the smiles flowing than one of the park’s most devoted fans. For the next thirty days, I’ll be running the grandest carnival game ever, the game that includes all the other games and more, for the ultimate grand prize of the carnival itself!

Admission from now ‘til then is free for everyone! But the more fun you have, the more of the park you explore, the better your shot at the grand prize.

The dynasty’s theme shall be “Carnival”.

Repeal all dynastic rules except “Grillin’”.

Change Host to Proprietor and Partygoer to Visitor.

The Special Case rules “Dormancy”, “Dynastic Distance”, “Event Types” and “Mantle Limitations” shall be Inactive. (Other Special Cases have their Default Statuses)

Change the gamestate tracking page to “Information Center”.


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