Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ascension Address: Ascension Address

Hearty greetings to you, my brothers! We end the month of November in the Year of Our Lord, 1419. My fellow Benedictines send me message (though doubtlessly you have already heard) that the Anti Pope Joannes the Twenty-Third has died, and may we have no such difficulties during the papacy of Martinus the Fifth.

Here at Badia a Passignano we have just finished the harvest of olives, and the servants are making the necessary preparations for winter. Our harvest was a good one this year, and with luck our surplus will fetch us a good price at the market, though the market in Florence has no shortage of olives.

The political situation in Florence is as interesting as it has ever been, and I am glad that our Monastery of St. Passignano is located on the outskirts of the city. The Albizzi family still runs the city, but the upstart Medici clan is a powerful force in the market, and they seem to have changed the balance of power. Such temporal affairs of money and power need naturally not concern you, my brothers—our Rule forbids private ownership, for the good of our souls.

As we have started the month of November, I remind everyone that we shall keep the Night Office until Easter—that we shall all meet in the church at the 8th hour of night for Matins. However all monks are to return directly to their respective communal quarters afterwards, and no brother is to wander the grounds otherwise during the night for any purposes.

Funeral mass will be held tomorrow for our brother Alessandro of Pisa. The peasants who witnessed the accident said that Alessandro stumbled and fell before a cart and so met his end. Our assistant librarian Matteo of Florence will assume his duties and take the role of librarian. I have not decided whom to appoint the position of his assistant. Again, remember that it forbidden for all brothers to enter the library, so if any have need of a text for your work, search out the Codex in the Scriptorium and make a request to Matteo, who should be in the Scriptorium if not at offices or labor about the Abbey.

Yours, Abba,

Stefano of Florence

Replace Gostak with Monk, and Che Hame Hame with Abbot. All rules except for 2.1 are repealed. ‘Cheese’ becomes ‘Blessings’. All pending proposals except for Adminify Bucky are vetoed. The GNDT is cleared except for the new Blessings column. I will back up the log for the last game. Somebody send out an Alert?


Kevan: HE/HIM

04-04-2006 15:16:14 UTC

I put a pre-emptive pre-Address Alert out a couple of days ago.

And I’ll be unidling in a couple of days, when I’m out of airports (I’m currently being appalled at paid Internet access with Javascript disabled, at Heathrow) and through the jetlag.