Monday, December 11, 2006

Ascension Address

You have all spent the last four years training for this event. Let it be known that I have confidence is all of you, if that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t be here. You have all earned your place on this team, and I have very proud of all of you. Now is the moment that each of you have spent your life preparing for. Now is your time to shine. But remember, you are not here to bring glory to yourself, but to bring honor to your country. To OUR country. So play smart. Play fair. And give it your all.

—Coach Clucky

Change Student/Students to Olympian/Olympians.
Change Director to Coach.
Change Sleeping to Idle.
Repeal all Dynastic rules.



12-11-2006 02:25:53 UTC

Btw, please let me know what you think of the color scheme. I want it to be lighter than the past few dynasties. If you think it looks bad, lemme know how you think I should change it.

Also, how do you upload images? I tried, but it failed. I would like to replace the header with the Olympic rings, similar to Elias’s banana. But I couldn’t figure out how to upload.


12-11-2006 02:40:33 UTC

well, the color of the admin boxes is a bit… err… out of place.


12-11-2006 02:50:51 UTC

Why do you say that? Green on purple looks half decent to me.


12-11-2006 03:05:31 UTC

What are your plans for this Dynasty?  Are we all from the same country?


12-11-2006 03:17:24 UTC

My basic idea would be the dynasty revolves around training/“competing” in various events to earn medals. Outside of that, I was pretty much hoping to see were people wanted to take it. As for your other question,  my AA seems to say yes but I am not against the concept of different countries.

And I guess you are right. Maybe a gold/silver color theme would fit the dynasty better.


12-11-2006 03:58:06 UTC

Eh. I tried playing with it all, but nothing looked good. If anyone has any ideas, like I said, let me know.