Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ascension Address: Hunting for Amulets


“Again!” He sprang from the bed and rushed to the window. Familiar dark silhouettes of two-storeyed houses, night forest far away,—everything was usual. Only rustling of the leaves disturbed the silence. Nobody was at the street, the village was in deep sleep. “What was it?”—he asked himself. “I certainly heard this violent scream. It is not the first night that I can’t understand what’s happening. Calm peaceful village, where people always warmly welcome guests, give them delicious tea and proudly show stock-raising farms, after sunset turns into a nightmare. Cats yell as if they were possessed by a demon. And these recent rumours about an ancient rite with five manuls…” He walked downstairs and went out to the yard. Fresh night wind tickled face with pleasant coolness. Manuls were quietly sleeping at their usual places, as if nothing had happened. But wait… One of them had always been wearing an amulet. And now it was missing! “It’s an ill omen.”

Repeal all dynastic rules. Fail all pending votable matters. Throughout the ruleset, rename “Worker” to “Farmer”, and “Foreman” to “Demon”.



Clucky: he/him

24-07-2012 22:11:11 UTC

You can’t fail all pending votable matters. You can veto proposals with your now powers, but votable matters stay pending.

Its actually an interesting question what we can do with that recommendation. I would argue that because it is no longer gamestate (no rule says it is a voteable matter anymore. Its just a post called “Recommendation: Clucky”) I should remove it from the voteable matters group. Hopefully no one will disagree.