Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ascension Address: Meanwhile, in Tokyo

Ladies and gentlemen, the ship will be arriving in Tokyo port in roughly twenty minutes. We apologise again for the protracted delay while we stopped at the mysterious ancient island, and thank you once more for ignoring the roaring, thrashing, and banging that has been audible throughout the ship. We would like to assure you that we have not captured a small stable of gigantic monstrosities from the elder world, and if we did, I am quite certain that they would not slip free and lay waste to most of Japan’s capital. Thank you for travelling on the Cooper Cruise Line; we do hope that you will travel with us again.


Repeal all Dynastic rules. “Monkey” becomes “Kaiju God” throughout the ruleset; “Top Banana” becomes “Tokyo”.

Props to Brendan for the idea.



31-08-2007 03:28:42 UTC

As soon as Dragon*Con is over, I’m unidling myself.


31-08-2007 14:24:16 UTC

Sounds fun. I’m looking forward to this.