Thursday, October 20, 2005

Assault: Excalabur at Royal Hunting Ground

I’ve got 14 population in there, he has 13. Both sides lose 13 population. I’m now occupying it. Cost: a whole lot for the transportation, 5 lousy metal for the attack post.



10-20-2005 19:52:04 UTC

On a related note, the second sentence of the transportation rule is extremely vague. I interpreted a ‘transport action’ as a transportation, since that’s the only related defined term that takes periods.
Before anyone CFJ’s this, I’d like to remind everyone that this vague sentence has been outright ignored dozens of times anyway.


10-20-2005 22:00:59 UTC

Actually, I don’t think it has been.  Very rarely have people moved to non-adjacent territories since that was inserted specifically to prevent ignoring the ‘transport periods’ thing, and everyone’s taken the number of days required.


10-20-2005 22:03:51 UTC

That being said, you could always attack me before my HT could complete anyway, because I had two periods left on my HT.  I’ll change your movement to be ‘legal’.  CfJ if you’re worried about it.

Hm.  except then I can fight back. 
*Ponder Ponder*


10-20-2005 23:14:42 UTC

Right.  I’ve reversed the second of your two ‘transport actions’, since it could not have been completed in one ‘transport session’.  My reading of that paragraph, (and recollection of when smith proposed it) was that it was to prevent people from ignoring the ‘periods remaining’ transport behavior (like you did). 

I enjoy parentheses entirely too much.  I’m also going to get smacked off the face of the planet shortly, from the looks of things


10-21-2005 09:26:15 UTC

Fair enough. I’d argue against that, but I don’t have the time.


10-21-2005 09:27:59 UTC

I still would like to point out that at least some of us (including you, excalabur) have transported troops twice in one day, which appears to be legal as long as you do it all at once, but that hasn’t always been the case.