Friday, October 21, 2005

Assault: Excalabur at Royal Hunting Ground

You know the drill. I now occupy it. Legally. For real.



10-21-2005 09:45:11 UTC

yep.  which is why I didn’t put more people there.. couldn’t be bothered with the CfJ.


10-21-2005 09:53:56 UTC

That territory doesn’t matter that much anyway. When I get back from my brief vacation on sunday I’ll probably start attacking territories you control, probably together with everyone else.


10-21-2005 10:48:09 UTC

Yep.  I’m going to have to propose some changes to the rules if we’re going to continue this dynasty.  right now I have no chance against a concerted assault.


10-21-2005 17:58:33 UTC

but anyone who wants to hurry the dynasty could make your DoV deadline come sooner. I’m still betting you will win, Excalabur.


10-21-2005 18:03:07 UTC

oh, wait. I just saw that AngryGrasshopper got nominated, thinking about that - I may CfJ.


10-22-2005 00:31:49 UTC

The easy way out is that he wasn’t a country at the time of his election, other than for law 1.  Feel free to write the 3rd CfJ, one with a perfectly legitimate point, which could allow that dynasty to continue.