Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Proposal: Attic Scavengers

Reached quorum 5 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 16 Jul 2014 14:06:36 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Second-Hand Goods”:-

Each Seller owns zero or more Goods, tracked as a text list in the GNDT. A Good has a name (a text string) and an ID (three numbers separated by full stops, known as the Good’s Category, Subcategory and Significance), and is written in the GNDT as “Name (#.#.#)”. By default, a Seller has no Goods.

The wiki page Second-hand goods lists the possible Categories and Subcategories of Goods, and their numbers.

If a Seller has no Goods, they may - as a daily action - Search their Attic by announcing a Category, and rolling DICE50 and DICE99, all in the same GNDT comment: if the chosen Category has a Subcategory corresponding to the first die roll, then the Seller gains a Good with a name of their own choosing and an ID equal to “A/B/C”, where A is the number of the chosen Category, B is the result of the first die roll and C is the result of the second die roll.

If the wiki page “Second-hand goods” has changed since its creation, revert it to its original version.



16-07-2014 10:00:18 UTC

for Sounds intriguing!


16-07-2014 13:58:47 UTC

for I don’t really know if these are going to be used as currency or items that can be sold for currency but, hey, this sounds cool!


16-07-2014 14:05:16 UTC



16-07-2014 19:55:30 UTC

for I’m interested to see how we end up using the goods.
Let’s get rich!
However, something to make a note of is that there’s not an equal chance of getting an item for each category.
Eg, it’s much less likely to get a “Coin” than a “Collectible”

Kevan: he/him

16-07-2014 20:05:12 UTC

[Doctor29] Intentional! The fact that eBay’s categories (which is where this list comes from) have fewer subcategories for the more valuable things seemed like good fodder for a game. You are more likely to find sporting goods than deeds to property in your attic.


16-07-2014 20:07:55 UTC

[Kevan] Indeed, although some of these make little sense. Music vs Musical instruments, Dolls vs Coins, etc.
Not an easy thing to balance properly, to be fair.

Kevan: he/him

16-07-2014 21:06:15 UTC

We can always bolt exceptions on if it looks like we need them. Onwards!