Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Story Post: Auction: The Time Machine

This is an auction for a one-of-a-kind Time Machine. Only available here, folks. The duration of this auction is 48 hours, although it may feel shorter to Managers standing too close to the Time Machine.



09-05-2017 22:51:38 UTC

it’s TIME.


10-05-2017 03:52:58 UTC

Thoughts of making it a silent auction?


10-05-2017 08:54:05 UTC

I think this is good as it is. I bid $1.


10-05-2017 21:35:09 UTC


11-05-2017 02:35:45 UTC

I bid $992,557


11-05-2017 02:40:05 UTC

I bid $1091820


11-05-2017 02:42:06 UTC

I bid $1,091,821 (in case that other one is invalid somehow)


11-05-2017 08:31:15 UTC

I bid $1,499,885.


11-05-2017 09:43:10 UTC

I bid $1,649,874


11-05-2017 21:00:02 UTC

I bid $1


11-05-2017 21:10:30 UTC

(my previous bids were invalid because I had three Bloggers, and: “Any comment on an Auction that contains the string “I bid $X” or “I bid £X” is a valid bid of value X if X is an unambiguous positive integer and the commenting Manager employs fewer than three Bloggers.”)


11-05-2017 21:12:55 UTC

(basically the only valid bid I have is the $1 one right now. Card’s bids were invalid because he had 3 Bloggers and Sphinx’s as well, although Sphinx could make valid bids now that they have just 2)


11-05-2017 21:17:43 UTC

I’d argue, that these bids become valid since we don’t currently employ three bloggers. In addition, I think your bids are invalid, since you have made three already, regardless of whether or not they were valid.

Anyway I bid $499885.


11-05-2017 21:25:05 UTC

There is no explicit mechanic that makes bid valid again. We even have the (redundant) rule that states:

“Any of the following conditions being met makes a bid invalid:”

If I make a pot from a blob of clay, its a pot, and it has to be made into a blob again if it were to turn into a blob

I bid $550885.


11-05-2017 21:45:54 UTC

This auction is now closed. Sphinx gains control of the Time Machine for $499,885 as Cuddlebeam’s bids after the third are invalid, although I have a feeling this will head to CfJ.


11-05-2017 21:49:04 UTC

To clarify: as long as we’re being sticklers about the rules, Cuddlebeam’s previous invalid bids are still bids, and count toward the three.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: he/they

12-05-2017 09:38:51 UTC

Except there was no cap on the number of bids for this auction, that was explicitly in the rule creating the auction.