Friday, November 22, 2013

Authorisation Granted: Exile Skju

Oligarch Skju has been attempting to bribe loyal members of our society, spreading their Seditious corruption through our glorious, fair and entirely democratic society. If a member of the Armed Forces would be so kind as to confiscate their belongs and escort them to the airport I’d be very grateful.



22-11-2013 20:32:07 UTC

Don’t forget that Credibility is exile proof….

Josh: he/they

22-11-2013 20:35:08 UTC

The Officer who carries this out will be granted a special consideration in future if they do so before the criminal converts their Power to Credibility.


22-11-2013 21:45:13 UTC

At your service.

Josh: he/they

22-11-2013 23:17:15 UTC

General Purplebeard, this service shall be remembered.