Saturday, October 17, 2009

Automation of vote counting?

If we were to automate vote counting, we could maybe even make it so that sidebar proposal links change color as soon as they can be passed or failed, rather than when they time out.

We could also make it so that they turn red when they should fail, green when they should pass.



10-17-2009 21:46:57 UTC

I don’t think we could do it within ExpressionEngine. An external script could scrape the pages and work things out, but I’m not sure that there’s really a problem that needs fixing here. Proposals seem to get passed or failed quickly enough.


10-17-2009 22:43:48 UTC

Yeah, this was just a thought. Maybe if there’s ever a Second Switch, maybe to WordPress or something…


10-18-2009 04:26:55 UTC

I found some issues with Wordpress too, though I thing I should have tried using Wordpress MU, rather than the standard version.


10-18-2009 09:33:17 UTC

If we’re blue-sky thinking here, it’d be good to have something in the sidebar which tells the player which proposals they haven’t voted on yet.


10-19-2009 15:27:22 UTC

How long until the entire process of adminning proposals can be automated? (I expect that the one limitation at present is updating the ruleset accurately, but given some straightforward guidelines on proposal layout I’d imagine that even that is curcumventable.)