Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Proposal: Autoproduction

Self-Killed automatically due to Veto of previous proposal—Excalabur

Adminned at 14 Sep 2005 00:15:33 UTC

If the proposer’s previous proposal did not pass, this proposal shall automatically be self-killed.  This is the reason behind that proposal: to enable the following to occur.

Create another set of columns for each country in the gndt, each entitled ‘((Commodity)) Prod.’, where ((Commodity)) takes the value of each type of commodity.  Set the value of this to be the total amount of production each country has in each commodity. 

Change the second sentence of rule 10.1.1 from

Often, a Country may increase the Stocks of Commodities it has by the combined Production Capacity of all Territories it controls.


Daily, at midnight GMT, the Stocks of Commodites of all countries shall be increased by the combined Production Capacities of all Territories it controls, as tracked in the GNDT


Excalabur shall write a script to execute this daily production within 48 hours of this proposal passing, or the effects of this proposal shall be reversed, unless someone else writes the script first.

This seems like a better idea…



09-13-2005 09:34:01 UTC



09-13-2005 10:08:05 UTC

against This will self-kill, anyway, after my veto of the preceding Proposal.

I don’t want production to be automatized. I like Player actions.


09-13-2005 15:14:41 UTC

I like this a lot. I already missed a production cycle.


09-13-2005 15:51:37 UTC

for but alas…


09-13-2005 19:10:13 UTC

Chronos:  the reason that many are opposed to daily production (though it got thru this time, surprisingly), is that it requires you to remember to take it every day: it is essentially a reward, since there’s no thinking involved.  This more closely represents actual production: the country doesn’t have to remember to produce things, it just /happens/.


09-13-2005 22:16:58 UTC

You’ve got a point. But I still don’t like Commodities colums in the GNDT. I’‘l think about another way of automatizing it.


09-13-2005 22:34:24 UTC

What do you think about Action Points? They would be reset automatically daily, but you’d have to use them to get production, issue market orders, build (or advance the building of) things, etc.

I guess this rewards Active Player (they’d get more Actions simply ‘cos they are using their Points before they are reset) and don’t penalize much the slow people.


09-14-2005 00:50:49 UTC

How about action points accrue - then people aren’t penalized for missing a day or two.