Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Proposal: Back on track

Self-Vetoed. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 01 Jul 2009 13:46:29 UTC

Replace all mentions of Shine Sprites in the rules with Souvenirs. Replace all mentions of the Princess with Creepy Local.



06-30-2009 17:54:05 UTC


You let the original proposal pass. It was harmless enough and didn’t have to set a Mario trend but instead designed to lighten things up and add some fun back into blognomic. Don’t let the whining of one person ruin the dynasty.

Ienpw III:

06-30-2009 18:10:22 UTC

I let the original proposal pass because I didn’t catch the Mario references. I’ve never really been a Mario person.

Ienpw III:

06-30-2009 18:11:23 UTC

And it’s not just the whining of one person. DC was echoing my own thoughts; I would have proposed this anyway.


06-30-2009 18:11:41 UTC

exactly my point. it was a harmless proposal. If you didn’t want mario references, you should’ve cut down on the later posts.

Also I thought you were in IRC when I proposed it and we talked about Mario…

Ienpw III:

06-30-2009 18:17:23 UTC

You mentioned mario. I didn’t understand the connection.
I didn’t “cut down on the later posts” because people were seeming to get upset with all my vetoes, even though they were just to correct the false start.


06-30-2009 21:58:43 UTC

for mario references have driven one member idle


06-30-2009 22:27:18 UTC



06-30-2009 23:41:47 UTC

for The “whining of one person” is irrelevant, but I like the idea of things that fit in more with a Caribbean island.


07-01-2009 00:38:55 UTC

against And they said I was a fickle Emperor


07-01-2009 00:42:30 UTC

Ya’ll are too uptight in making stuff fit a rigid theme. The whole point of the shine sprites was they were vaguely islandy, but not within the previously established theme. They were not actually designed to hijack the dynasty in a different direction, but instead to keep it fresh and interesting.


07-01-2009 00:56:03 UTC

Rigidness makes blognomic boring. Don’t make me pull the space girder on you.


07-01-2009 01:06:07 UTC

maybe keep the shine sprites, but re-propose the name change of the princess


07-01-2009 01:31:21 UTC


Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 01:50:29 UTC

Clucky: Yet they have managed to hijack the theme.


07-01-2009 01:59:42 UTC

against Also, McMed is currently not a tourist, so his vote doesn’t count.

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 03:52:52 UTC

against S/K. Whatever. Do what you want.


07-01-2009 03:56:44 UTC

Calm down yuri


07-01-2009 04:30:25 UTC

Yeah, I am just playing with your head. I did that a lot to everyone during my dynasty (and they tried to kill me with a tuna can).

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 05:14:28 UTC

veto Vetoing self-kills