Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Call for Judgment: Backsie to the Futuresie

Timed out, 4 votes to 5. Failed by TyGuy6.

Adminned at 26 Nov 2021 20:40:49 UTC

Uphold the Fighting actions attempted by the Realtor called Josh on 23/11/2021 as having been legally completed, then reduce that Realtor’s Contribution by DICE4 -1.

Per lemon’s comments on No Backsies; just splitting the difference so we can all move on. Only a few days left!


redtara: they/them

24-11-2021 18:59:26 UTC



24-11-2021 19:02:00 UTC


TyGuy6: Face

24-11-2021 19:03:51 UTC



24-11-2021 19:48:30 UTC


Kevan: he/him

24-11-2021 19:52:21 UTC

against Not enjoying being railroaded into a quick “just splitting the difference” fix, here, when we’re trying to discern a fair midpoint between an extremely lucky but illegal action and the absence of it.

I’d rather Josh just take one simple reroll from the point at which he had one locked Miss and Taunt-Miss-Grapple-Taunt in front of him, playing it out with the exact same odds that the rest of us have been playing under.

Josh: he/him

24-11-2021 20:05:12 UTC

@Kevan Do you think that Banana Heel was wrongly decided, then? I note you didn’t vote on it, but you certainly kept quiet; were you just thinking that the face team were being patsies for voting it through, and were happy to be a beneficiary?

It’s a short, quick dynasty; the logic of “legitimise the error and keep moving” is stronger than it usually is.

Kevan: he/him

24-11-2021 20:28:22 UTC

Yes, Banana Heel enacted overnight while I was asleep.

I think I’d push both actions along the path of least resistance to get them back on track, if I wanted the player to have a fair crack at their turn rather than forfeit it (which I do!). For an action accidentally taken an hour late, the easy answer is just to say that it wasn’t, and keep the same roll; for an action accidentally taken by picking up the wrong dice, there’s less of a straight line fix, but rerolling it with the correct dice seems fair.

TyGuy6: Face

24-11-2021 20:54:28 UTC

@Kevan Maybe it would be fairer to let Josh do the reroll, but at this point, I’m over it. Too much has happened, since, to try to calculate what conditions should apply to a retroactive reroll.

redtara: they/them

25-11-2021 01:18:37 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

25-11-2021 01:56:11 UTC


lemon: she/her

25-11-2021 02:35:54 UTC


Clucky: he/him

25-11-2021 04:13:12 UTC

banana heel was a bit of a problem because there was a knockdown effect that could not easily be undone. giving brendan their points rather than just going “the person brendan picked is the person whose turn it would’ve gone too” was a generous but reasonable solution to the problem

whereas here, I don’t think technically any actions performed by Josh were illegally done, other than the fact that he rolled a couple of extra dice that didn’t do anything because they weren’t official rolls.

but overall I’m against cause I feel like we already resolved this, and letting Josh have his roll count is similar in bonus to letting Brendan have his roll count so like whatever lets just move on

Kevan: he/him

25-11-2021 08:54:36 UTC

[TyGuy] All I’m suggesting is that Josh decide what he would have rerolled if faced with a table of Miss-Taunt-Miss-Grapple-Taunt where one Miss was locked, roll those dice informally, work out what the score would have come to under the ruleset at the time, and propose “give me that score”. (Actually proposing a rule to allow that is daunting, but rolling informally while everyone watches and then proposing to update the gamestate is easy.)

Josh: he/him

25-11-2021 18:36:33 UTC

cov against

lemon: she/her

25-11-2021 23:49:30 UTC

against i guess the DoV has upheld this now, huh?

Brendan: Heel he/him

26-11-2021 01:48:44 UTC

against per lemon.