Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proposal: Barbarians need comerce too


Adminned at 06 Nov 2008 11:56:53 UTC

Create a new rule “Clan Stash”:

There shall exist a wiki document called “Clan Stash” in which each clan shall be listed in a separate section. When a new Clan is formed, it shall be added as a new section to the “Clan Stash” document. If a Clan ceases to exist, it shall NOT be removed from the document. A new clan cannot be created if its name would be that of one already on that document. This document may not be modified in any way other than those expressed in the rules.

As a daily action a Clansmen may remove an item from their inventory and write the name of the item in any one section of the Clan Stash. This is called Stashing an item.
As a separate daily action a Clansmen may delete an item from their Clan’s section in the document, and add that item to their inventory. This is called Retrieving an item.
A Clansmen may Retrieve an Item and Stash another one at the same time (by using both actions), and this is known as Trading.
A Clansmen may not Retrieve or Stash items while being a Combatant in a Duel.

Create sub-rule “Tags” in rule “Clan Stash”:

When a Clansman stashes an item into their own Clan’s section, the Clansmen may put a tag on it. A tag is a fragment of text placed to the right of the item, enclosed in square brackets. The text between the start and end bracket is the tag’s text. When an item with a tag is retrieved, the tag is simply erased.

If the text of a tag contains an item name, it means that any Clansmen may Trade it (not only those belonging to the Clan section where it was stashed) for the named item. After an item is traded this way, it may not be tagged.

If a wiki document named “Clan Stash” exists, blank it, else create it. Add a section to the “Clan Stash” document for each of the different existing clans: Null, Jedi, Iron and Fryzjer.

Still needs work, but might be good enough to start.




05-11-2008 05:09:03 UTC

imperial not quite sure about the tagging


05-11-2008 05:48:13 UTC


arthexis: he/him

05-11-2008 06:09:12 UTC

Well, it’s completely optional. What I am trying to do is enable a way for people to exchange items more or less fairly (you store an item and you say what you want in exchange). I will propose a way to convert honor into items later and we can start buying and selling stuff


05-11-2008 06:21:39 UTC

I have never liked the idea of “spending” honor.  I would rather see some kind of currency, like beads or something.

Hello Sailor:

05-11-2008 14:14:30 UTC


Clucky: he/him

05-11-2008 20:34:43 UTC


arthexis: he/him

05-11-2008 21:49:21 UTC

Ok, then you can just create beads and stuff but as items (instead of as a new gndt stat). But for that to be useful, you would have to be allowed to stash and retrieve items an unlimited amount of times (or something similar)


06-11-2008 04:04:39 UTC

Which is why I voted deferential rather than against.


06-11-2008 16:23:24 UTC

against .  The tag section is too vague - what does “Trade” mean? Could I “Trade” something tagged in my own stash for something untagged in Clan Iron’s stash?  Also, the ‘cannot be tagged’ restriction should wear off at some point?

arthexis: he/him

06-11-2008 18:22:38 UTC

Trade is defined as using an action to Retrieve an Item an Stash a different item at the same time. The newly stashed item cannot be tagged, to prevent people from doing a trade and locking out the traded in good with another required trade.

arthexis: he/him

06-11-2008 18:26:43 UTC

against Never mind S/K seeing that it won’t go far.