Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proposal: Barbarians need Culture, don’t they?

timed out and reached a quorum, final vote 9-1—Yoda

Adminned at 31 Oct 2008 15:25:04 UTC

Applied the suggested fixes, and added a way to reward people for creating new traditions.

Create new rule “Traditions”:

Barbarians have primitive, but strong traditions. Barbarians who do not observe these traditions are not seen with good eyes by their peers. Whenever a Clansmen fails to comply with one of the Traditions, any other Clansmen may reduce the breaching Clansmen’s Honor by 2 within 24 hours of their breaching (but only once, and only one Clansmen may do this). If a Clansmen is Disgraced (or becomes so) after this loss of Honor, that Clansmen takes Damage (in the form of an angry mob of barbarians).

Whenever a proposal creates a new Tradition as part of being enacted, the Clansmen who proposed it may, within 24 hours of the enactment, increase their Honor by 2 once.

The Barbarian Traditions are the following (they are not considered Blognomic Rules, just a simple enumeration of Traditions):

* The Black Mountain Demon Barzus has edicted that Clansmen shall not Heal if another of their Clan is in a Duel.
* The Radiant Entity Figherton has announced that no Clansmen shall speak or write the name of Dead Clansmen.



10-29-2008 22:06:09 UTC



10-29-2008 22:14:03 UTC

for Note: According to the first entry in the glossary, arthexis does not get to raise his honor by 2 if this proposal passes.

Hello Sailor:

10-29-2008 22:39:59 UTC

against Being “in a Duel” should be defined.  Is the presiding Clan Lord “in a Duel”?  At _precisely_ what moment does a Clansmen begin being “in a Duel”?  When does he stop?

I also note that the current definition of “Combatant” has no expiration.  In particular, arthexis and Purplebeard are both still Combatants in a Duel, and hence cannot perform rituals.


10-30-2008 02:13:17 UTC

The Duel ends upon a Combatant winning or upon both becoming dead. The Duel begins when two clansmen state their intention to fight. You are only a combatant for the purposes of the Clan Lord resolving the duel…

Then again, it is possible I intentionaly made traditions a little vague… aren’t traditions like that in real life?

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-30-2008 12:31:04 UTC

for Traditions are, laws aren’t. We should tighten this.


10-30-2008 14:06:40 UTC



10-30-2008 20:06:47 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

10-30-2008 21:13:51 UTC


Though it seems to be it would be better to have a vote on weather or not someone broke a tradition. Cause that is how tradition works.


10-30-2008 21:43:53 UTC



10-31-2008 01:10:18 UTC

@Clucky: I find your suggestion appealing, except it would be a slow process for a mere 2 Honor loss.


10-31-2008 03:44:17 UTC