Saturday, January 16, 2021

Proposal: Battle Lines

No feedback from idle Pilots received; times out 1-0-2 and fails due to less than two votes FOR. -Bucky

Adminned at 18 Jan 2021 21:03:27 UTC

Add a new subrule “Blood Brotherhood” to the rule “Corporations”:

Creed: Loyalty Unbreakable

Requirement: To join this Corporation, a Pilot must never have voluntarily ceased to be Affiliated with another Corporation.

Add a new subrule “Coronal Cabal” to the rule “Corporations”:

Creed: Victory At Any Cost

Requirement: A Pilot must have been Awarded a Crown to join this Corporation.

My next guess for why people aren’t jumping in: Inaccessible corporations

After the demise of Mechatech, there’s no corporation that a new player can immediately join. Blood Brotherhood fills that niche now.

Coronal Cabal is the “work together to end this ASAP” team, should enough crown-holders outside Blue Lotus be persuaded to do so.



16-01-2021 17:37:10 UTC

I think people aren’t jumping in because the dynasty has been going for nearly two months, and appears settled; the observer class in slack certainly seems more interested in waiting for the next dynasty than joining this one.

I’ll abstain on this; if it attracts votes from unidlers desperate to pitch in then I’ll consider a vote.


16-01-2021 17:49:27 UTC

I don’t see how it’s settled. I do, however, see how small my one-Crown lead is in the face of the new ways to earn Crowns. That’s also why I don’t see it as settled - the details of the win condition are very much in flux.

The one potentially-insurmountable advantage the Order has over a newcomer coalition is simply that it’s hard to get into a Corporation - any Corporation - in the first place, which is a prerequisite for victory and which we got for free by proposal.


16-01-2021 17:57:06 UTC

Oh, sure; I’m not saying that it *is* settled, just that it *looks* settled, if you are looking from outside without a full grasp on the ruleset.

I struggle to know why some dynasties kick off and some don’t; I think this one has struggled under Christmas and the malaise portion of 2020. But I also don’t think that there’s a great clamour in the wings of people trying to get in and bouncing off of the lack of corporations, which would be an easy fix for any returning player. I think that that clamour just isn’t there.


16-01-2021 18:33:12 UTC

In that case, we should solicit comments on this from the bench.


17-01-2021 18:37:21 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

17-01-2021 18:38:25 UTC