Friday, November 08, 2019

Battle Tactics

Kevan being the first to become Monstrous, and this being a big advantage, possibly, I vote that we take up a plan of action. What strategy should we use to be most effective in the early game?

We need to reduce his HP to 0 before he gets too many hits in. Of course, that means putting our hard hitters in as Vanguard as often as possible. It’s turn-based play, so speed of play seems less important, but if someone becomes weary they are replaced at random.

I’d probably be into a Commander-Fencer teamup, but I haven’t read every boon, yet.

Kevan, you can join in the conversation, too, for planning next round.



08-11-2019 08:02:58 UTC

I’m excited to see what happens!


11-11-2019 00:16:44 UTC

It became clear very quickly that a private Slack discussion was preferable.