Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Proposal: Because I just had to do this

Passed 13-0, but with only 3 epics.—Rodlen

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Add the following location to the wiki page Locations:

Ruined DDF HQ

This is a ruined building that looks sort of futuristic.  Months ago, a small group of Dimensional Defense Force agents made this their Dimensional HQ.  They quickly died off, after lacking any funding.  Turns out the taxes for being a mysterious group are quite high.  Nobody knows what happened to the agents.

The majority of people choose to avoid this building, as the robotic security guards are still semi-active, and the place didn’t have much of worth anyway.  However, some people report seeing a shadowy figure that looks a bit like Rodlen here during some nights.

The fact that no demolition group wants to touch this place hampers the Council’s efforts to get rid of this building by the Sidewalk.

Add the following to the end of the entry for the location Sidewalk:

The mysteriously ruined DDF HQ is by this sidewalk.



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for I thought it was the DDA, not the DDF.

Bucky: Proprietor

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imperial -> for


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They changed their name.

(Oh great.  I can’t even remember details of my own dynasty correctly.)

Darknight: he/him

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for LMAO for the heck of it. Epic


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for Author vote to agree with the Epic.


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Oni Tainlyn:

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for Must investigate the place!

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for  epic

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for Nothing wrong with cross-Dynasty references.


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Clucky: he/him

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