Friday, August 12, 2016

Proposal: Because I’m CRRAAAAAZZYY

Self-Killed -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 14 Aug 2016 04:15:14 UTC

Create a new rule called “Sanity”, containing the following text:

Sailing the seven seas can take quite a toll, not just on the body, but on the mind. Every Hunter has a statistic called Sanity, which is an integer tracked in the GNDT in a column called “Sanity”. Sanity defaults to 50, and caps at 100. Unless otherwise specified, no Hunter may take any action that causes their Sanity to become negative or causes another Hunter’s Sanity to become negative.

Create a sub rule beneath Sanity called “Insanity”, containing the following text:

If a Hunter’s Sanity should reach a negative value, that Hunter is considered Insane. An Insane Hunter may not take any action outlined in the Dynastic Rules that isn’t marked as Inclusive or otherwise allows Insane Hunters to perform it.

Add another sub rule beneath Sanity, titled “Song”, containing the following text:

As a weekly action, if three or more Hunters are in the same location, even if one or more of them is Insane, they may sing a Shipmeister’s Shanty together, lifting their spirits and curing their ills. Any Insane Hunter participating in a Shipmeister’s Shanty may change their Sanity value to 0. Any Hunter who isn’t Insane may raise their Sanity by 25 after participating in a Shipmeister’s Shanty.



12-08-2016 08:43:26 UTC

Note: Would this only consume the initiating players weekly action, and not the other two (or more)? It seems that way to me.  Also might work if all are insane, which is weird. I do kinda like this though.

Kevan: he/him

12-08-2016 10:57:13 UTC

against Not sure that insanity really fits the theme, here.


12-08-2016 12:06:47 UTC



12-08-2016 13:35:49 UTC



12-08-2016 14:10:13 UTC

I don’t think it is inherently off theme? Like it could be a situation of a captain going mad in his never ending search for gold. The desire slowly consuming him as he deticates his entire life to this single goal while loseing touch with the world around him. I don’t know if this is something raichu wanted or if he cares at all so :DEF: for now.


12-08-2016 14:11:02 UTC

imperial Huh, don’t know why I thought it was DEF and not IMPERIAL.


12-08-2016 14:35:06 UTC

I voted against because it’s theme simply doesn’t appeal to me. It could work thematically, but I don’t want it to.

RaichuKFM: she/her

12-08-2016 15:40:36 UTC

imperial Thematically, I could go either way.

Mechanically, needs work, but it’s just a framework so that’s normal; about the only thing that needs tightening that I can see is probably the fact that you can participate in a Shipmeister’s Shanty and then at any point afterwards raise your Sanity by 25.

I personally don’t know if we should add too many “And at X, you can no longer take most game actions” clauses, but there’s not really a manner to trigger either of them, as yet.


13-08-2016 08:51:02 UTC

imperial Still rather iffy, but it could be patched if need be.


13-08-2016 15:22:45 UTC



14-08-2016 03:56:08 UTC

eh im getting second thoughts on this, lets just go ahead and mpve it along against